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The flash template allows you to customize over all by doing small minor changes in notepads. You can change the Company name, baselines, intro lines, menu button names and content in the template. The changes will be effected immediately in the flash template instantly.

More Details:

1) Changing the Company name & adding baseline:
name.txt# company=Company Name &base=Base line here
Note: "company=" Don't change the word "company=", it is a variable which is used in the scripting inside the flash template. You can replace the "Company Name" with your own company name.

2) Changing Intro lines:
To change the "introlines", open the "name.txt" and replace with your own intro lines.
Note: "intro1=" , "intro2=" and "intro3=" are variables.

3) Changing the Footer:
Open "footer.txt" and replace the "All Copyrights Reserved , (Company Name) 2002." with your own words.
Note: "footer=" is a variable

4) Changing the menu button names:
Open "buttons.txt" and replace the text after "="
eg: bb1=About Us - in this change the About us with your own name don't change "bb1=" as this is variable. Same with all other buttons.

5) Adding your own content:
Open "button1.txt",
eg# header=About us &content=your own content.
You can replace "About us" with your own menu names and "your own content" with your content. Same with all other menus.

By changing the names of buttons will not reflect the change in the header or title of the page. To make a change in the header or title you will have make change in the text files button1, button2, .... etc against the variable header.

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